Company Profile



Trade Name Takex Labo Co.,Ltd
Address Head Office
Daido Seimei 2nd Bldg.7F, 1-23-5, Esakacho, Suita-shi, Osaka, 564-0063, Japan
Takex R&D Center
20-5, Iwagahana, Miyazu-shi, Kyoto, 626-0203, Japan
Establishment 2002 February
Capital 100,000,000 Yen(Capital Reserve 85,190,000 Yen)
Representative Preseident and CEO Kumi Okada
Our Business - With bamboo as the raw material, performing research, development, manufacturing and sales of the following:
Antibacterial agents
Food additives
Pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs
Base materials for cosmetics
Functional materials
Building materials
- Consultation on effective utilization of bamboo resources


Corporate Mission

Through the study of bamboo, Takex Labo is aiming to become a value-creation company that contributes to the conservation of the global environment and the health of people all over the world.

Corporate Objective

Our objective is to become an international research and development company, establishing a unique position as a value-creating company for Japan and overseas.

Management Philosophy

Based on the development philosophy “secure, safe and healthy,” we will expand our business to achieve “global environment preservation, joy for people and society.”

Business to achieve global environment preservation

Bamboo is an effective resource with a rapid growth cycle. However, its usage is in decline and bamboo is a social issue. While working on research and development, we believe in maintaining the renewal of bamboo resources and meeting demand, and at the same time achieve a reduction of global environmental impact.

Business to achieve the pleasure of society

As an alternative to chemical products that could harm the “global environment” and “people’s health,” or as a replacement for depleted resources, create new value or uses for bamboo.

Business to achieve the pleasure of people

Takex Labo defines our safety standards for product development from a “mother’s perspective” rather “the company`s perspective.” We will develop products from the perspective of a mother who hopes for the prosperity of her healthy offspring, and will build confidence in “security” and “safety.”